Tamerlane residents:

Many of you have been calling our office to inquire as to why there is still debris from Irma around Tamerlane HOA. It seems as though all the cities and counties had contracts with the major debris hauling companies to pick up all the debris.  After Irma, our Governor’s office asked for companies to put in bids to pick up the debris.  There were a couple of companies that put in bids, one company asked for double the price that the other companies were supposed to get and the other companies asked as high as 10 times what the original companies asked for.

Most of the trucks that they use to haul the debris away are owned by independent contractors who work for the companies who get the bids.  Most of the independent contractors decided to work with the companies who won the bids because they agreed to pay them double or sometimes more than what the other companies had offered.  That’s why there is still a lot of debris sitting around the streets, if the cities want it removed they are going to have to pay double the price to do it. The company that Tamerlane HOA signed a contract with, Turf Brothers, did not anticipate this happening and neither did anyone else.  We hope to get the remainder of these piles picked up as soon as possible.

Orchid Management

On behalf of the Board of Directors