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Bulk trash pickup

Bulk trash pickup

Bylaws updated

Appended the three latest amendments that were passed by the community this year. You can find the latest copy of the Bylaws here.

Upcoming annual meeting

The upcoming annual meeting is a special meeting because there are three amendments that we would like to pass for the benefit of the community. It is very important for everyone in the community to vote and if you cannot… Continue Reading →

Holiday season packages

If possible, please have your packages delivered to a safe location for the holidays. There have been sightings of people covering up their license plates and picking up packages from the front of people’s homes in our neighborhood.

Hurricane Irma debris

Tamerlane residents: Many of you have been calling our office to inquire as to why there is still debris from Irma around Tamerlane HOA. It seems as though all the cities and counties had contracts with the major debris hauling… Continue Reading →

Storm debris

We are receiving reports that residents are dumping household items on to the debris created by the storm. Please Do Not add any household items on to the debris piles that you see around the Tamerlane property. There is going… Continue Reading →

Hurricane Irma preparedness

A message from our Management Company Although it is much too early to accurately determine the exact path, South Florida is currently in the 5-day cone for Hurricane Irma.  It is not too early, however, to begin some basic preparation… Continue Reading →

Bulk Trash pick up

Event details

Increased rat population

There have been reports of an increased number of sightings of rats in the community. In order to detract pests, please remember that all outside garbage must be kept in containers with lids, at all times.

Tamerlane financials available

The Association’s 2016 Annual Financial Report has been completed.  A copy of the financial report is available at the Management Office for your review, or a copy of the financial report will be mailed or emailed to you, without charge,… Continue Reading →

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