When a unit is identified as in violation, it is recorded and a Violation Notice is sent to the unit owner. This is considered the first notice at zero days. There are two more violation notices that go out if there is no action from the first notice. This is the notice schedule:

  • First notice at zero days
  • Second notice at 14 days
  • Third and final notice at 28 days

Grievance Committee

If no action is taken by the third notice to resolve the violation(s) in question then the unit owner will be notified to come before the Grievance Committee to explain why the violation(s) have not been tended to. At the hearing the unit owner in violation may speak their mind and tell the committee their side of the story. After the hearing the committee is responsible for explaining the situation to the board. The committee cannot waive any violations for anyone.

Missing the hearing

If the unit owner does not attend this hearing then they will be fined $100 per day for up to a maximum of $1000. If after reaching the maximum fine, if the unit owner still has not resolved their violation then a Lien will be placed on the unit.