This FAQ is still under construction

Please forgive some of the incomplete information or any errata. Last updated on 05/24/2020

  1. I am looking at purchasing property in Tamerlane, is there anything I need to do?
    1. Your real-estate agent needs to contact the Management Company
    2. There is an application to fill out and an application fee. Please inquire with Management Company about the fee amount.
    3. During your closing process you should receive:
      1. One pool keys
        1. If your seller does not provide you with these keys, replacement keys can be purchase for $100. Please take note that these are special keys that are not easily duplicated. They are Mul-T-Lock keys.
          Mul-T-Lock key example
      2. Copy of rules and regulations (found here)
      3. Copy of Bylaws (found here)
  2. I intend on renting this property directly after purchase – do I need to do anything in order to rent my property?
    1. Please refer to the “Leasing of Units” section in the Rules and Regulations for full content.
    2. There are two amendments governing leasing at Tamerlane.
      1. The first amendment sets the maximum number of units rented at 10% of the community. We are currently over that percent and no new units may be leased. There is a waiting list in the management office that owners may list their name on if they wish to be contacted when there is availability to lease.
      2. The second amendment states the owner must live in the unit for a full year. Per the Association’s bylaws, leases must be for a minimum of 12 months and the homeowner must make the lease agreement available to the Association.
  3. I already own property in Tamerlane and I am purchasing another property within Tamerlane; could you please waive the application fee for me?
    1. No – everyone must undergo the application process regardless of how many years they have been a property owner in Tamerlane.
  4. Moving in? Congratulations on your recent purchase. Please review the rules and regulations for the community. Here are some of the most common things you might be thinking about right now:
    1. Trash and Recycling
      1. Trash collection is included as part of your Maintenance Fee by a private company and NOT the City of Hollywood.
      2. Trash collection occurs every Monday and Thursday. The remainder of the week your trash can must be hidden from view.
      3. Recycling occurs only on Thursdays. The remainder of the week your recycling can must be hidden from view.
      4. Receptacles should only be placed out the night before pick up is to occur
      5. Please be sure to bring in your receptacles by the end of the same day of pick up. Otherwise your receptacle will be taken and placed behind the pool house. You will then have to contact Management Company in order to get the Maintenance person to retrieve it for you.
      6. Trash cans
        1. Must have a lid
        2. All garbage to be thrown away must be contained inside of a bag, otherwise your trash may not be picked up
        3. Yard clippings must be contained inside of a bag or a box
        4. Larger items must wait for bulk pickup
        5. The container cannot be too large or too heavy because the collection service may refuse to pick it up
        6. ++MIN++
      7. Recycling cans
        1. Most units come with a small blue rectangular container. If you need something larger you can purchase a new container that is up to 14 gallons in size. These are readily available at HomeDepot (example)
        2. If you have an existing blue rectangular container and it breaks, the association is not responsible for replacing it. You may purchase a replacement.
      8. Bulk trash pickup
        1. There are three times a year when a large dumpster is placed by the pool, usually for a period of a week. It fills up quickly, therefore placement of your trash is on a first come, first serve basis.
        2. The dates are posted at your mailbox.
    2. Utilities
      1. Water and Sewage – City of Hollywood
      2. Electricity – FPL
      3. Television and Internet – not provided by the community
        1. Dish based providers – your dish cannot be mounted on the front of your home
    3. Landscaping and irrigation
      1. Front of your property
        1. Your Maintenance Fee covers the mowing of grass in the front yard and common areas
        2. The landscaping company will not groom shrubbery and bushes on your property
        3. You are free to garden in your front yard
        4. All landscaping behind your waterline is your responsibility
        5. Trees outside of your waterline are maintained by the association
    4. You are entirely responsible for your back yard
    5. ++MIN++
  5. Late fees
    1. If you miss three consecutive monthly maintenance payments, your account will go to attorney.
    2. I want to pay off what I owe, but can I have my late fees waived?
      1. Please contact the Management Company or come to a board meeting
  6. Fences
    1. The homeowner is responsible for all forms of maintenance and repairs to their fence
    2. In the event that a fence is shared between units maintenance costs shall be split or shared. The homeowner’s association does not have any jurisdiction over disputes.
  7. Committees – If you want to join a committee described below please speak to the board at one of our monthly meetings.
    1. Application committee – reviews incoming buyers and renters
    2. Grievance committee – hears disputes between unit owners and association regarding violations
    3. Architectural committee – reviews all requests for building improvements and repairs on the outside of your home.
  8. Board meetings – all unit owners are encouraged to attend.
    1. Where do meetings take place?
      1. Meetings take place at the main office of TY Park which is on the left once you enter the park gates across from the exercise area.
      2. We also offer joining virtually via Zoom.
    2. When do the meetings take place?
      1. Meetings are 3rd Tuesday of every month unless specified otherwise (please check the site’s calendar)
  9. Paint Colors – paint page coming soon ++MIN++
  10. What do I have to do if I have to replace my roof?
    1. You must submit an architectural modification form and get the approval from the architectural review committee (ARC) before you can begin any work
    2. What roof colors are acceptable?
      1. For colors please see the paint page (coming soon)++MIN++
  11. What do I do if I have Termites?
    1. Contact a termite control company, you can ask neighbors for recommendation.
    2. It is every unit owner’s obligation to maintain your property and prevent infestation.
    3. In the event that you need to get your unit tented, you must collaborate with your entire row.
    4. As of 05/13/2018 our association has appended section 27 of the the community Bylaws “Termite Treatment”. Please read section 27 for full detail. The summary of section 27 is: “If your row of joined houses (cluster) is infested with termites in the opinion of a licensed pest control professional, the owners of this row can vote on tenting. The majority vote rules.”
  12. Who do I call if I see something that needs maintenance?
    1. Please contact the management company
  13. Sheds – I want a shed, what are the rules about this?
    1. You must submit an architectural modification form and get the approval from the architectural review committee (ARC) before you can put in a new shed
    2. Sheds should be no higher than the fence line
  14. Can I have a portable basketball hoop?
    1. Yes – but you cannot leave it out. You may use your portable basketball hoop, but you must stow it after each use or you may receive a violation notice.
  15. Can I place a sign on my lawn, such as a sign endorsing a political candidate?
    1. No – snipe signs, sales signs, advertisement and things of that type are not allowed in our community. Please do not put them up or you will receive a violation notice.