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Bulk trash option

Added a new page describing an option residents can use while we are in between dumpster rentals. Please stop dumping in our community. If you need to get rid of large trash, please go to a Broward county drop-off center…. Continue Reading →

Peach color is discontinued

The Tamerlane color palette has been updated to exclude the Peach color. We are down to three colors: Redwood Mahogany Navajo white Just a reminder, both Redwood and Mahogany are paint stains for wood. Paint stain is thicker than normal… Continue Reading →

Association meetings

It has come to our attention some of our residents are attempting to go to meetings, but they are going to TY Park. Apologies, but we are currently meeting virtually now via Zoom at the moment. Meeting links are typically… Continue Reading →

Storm debris

We are receiving reports that residents are dumping household items on to the debris created by the storm. Please Do Not add any household items on to the debris piles that you see around the Tamerlane property. There is going… Continue Reading →

Tamerlane financials available

The Association’s 2016 Annual Financial Report has been completed.  A copy of the financial report is available at the Management Office for your review, or a copy of the financial report will be mailed or emailed to you, without charge,… Continue Reading →

Bulk trash pickup

All details found here and it is in the calendar with dates: Bulk trash pickup

Caterpillar warning

There is a caterpillar issue at Tamerlane at the moment. Pictures have been sent to a pest control expert and the caterpillars are a seasonal issue. Due to the mild winter this year a lot of the caterpillars weren’t killed… Continue Reading →

Popular Community Bank prematurely ended lock box service

As some of the residents may have already experienced, you got your check back from Popular Community Bank or your account wasn’t drafted for February’s maintenance fee payment. This is an error on Popular Community Bank’s part where they ended… Continue Reading →

Tamerlane under new property management

Tamerlane has taken up a new contract with Orchid Management Solutions as of 01/01/2017 to replace Associa Advantage as our property management company. Here is the welcome letter that all residents have received via mail: Orchid Management Solutions Welcome Letter

Problems with mosquitos?

By calling 954-765-4062 you can request that your area be sprayed for mosquitos. It is a service provided by Broward County. Read more about it here:

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