Account Number

Payments are due on the first of every month. In every option listed you are going to need your Account Number, which you can obtain from your payments Coupon Book or by calling the Management Company.

Payment Methods

There are two ways to pay your monthly maintenance fee. You have the following options available to you:

    1. Manual Payments – Using your coupon book and manually sending a check every month
    2. Bill Pay – Setting up your monthly payments through your bank using a Bill Pay feature

Manual Payments

Each year every resident receives a new coupon book with an envelope for each mailing. The coupon book just contains individually marked coupons for every month of the year and each one has the same amount marked on it. You just follow the instructions included with the coupon book. Most importantly have your account number written in on the memo section of your check. Using one of the provided pre-addressed envelopes, you must include a coupon for the appropriate month and a written check for the amount due.

Bill Pay

Most banks offer a Bill Pay service or feature just for being a customer. This is the best and cheapest option for making your payments consistently. You don’t have to pay postage or write any checks, your bank will take care of that for you. The only information you need is your account number and the address information below. Each bank’s bill pay feature is slightly different, but just follow the instructions for your bank to get everything setup correctly:

Centennial Bank payment options

In order to setup automatic payments through Centennial Bank you need your coupon book and you need to follow the instructions on their website: